Gua Sha Stone

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A Holi Grail self-care ritual based on ancient traditional medicine; the pure Rose Quartz Gua Sha stone works to naturally firm, sculpt and perfect your skin.


✨ Firms and lifts face muscles over time
✨ Promotes circulation & lymphatic drainage
✨ Reduces puffiness and fluid buildup
✨ Treats inflammation
✨ Softens and smooths dark under eye circles
✨ Relaxes muscles and eases tension
✨ Boosts skin’s natural detoxification process
✨ Improves skin tone and appearance
✨ Stimulates pressure points

💫 Apply with The Holi Grail Oil for the ultimate glowing skin!


  • Start your daily Gua Sha ritual by applying Holi Grail Face Oil to your clean, dry face and neck.
  • Start at the center of your face and roll outward to drain fluids.
  • Repeat each action for 5 - 10 light to medium pressure strokes, always gliding in one direction.
  • Angle the long side of the stone and slide long strokes down your neck and to the lymph nodes to activate lymphatic drainage.
  • Carefully wash your Gua Sha Stone with soap and water daily to prevent transfer of bacteria onto your skin.
  • Pro-tip; Refrigerate Gua Sha Stone to combat puffiness with a cooling blast.

🥀 The Rose Quartz stone is widely believed to be the stone of love. Ancient civilisations believed it has special cleansing “energies” which have the ability to remove toxins from your body, and associations with the heart chakra to bring love and healing into your life.

💎 Gua Sha Stones have been utilized as a form of medicine by ancient civilizations; using specially carved crystal stones to glide across the skin to rebalance energy flow, release toxins and move stagnant lymphatic fluid to restore health to the whole body. When used regularly, your Gua Sha Stone will lift and sculpt your face, slow the signs of aging, and leave your skin positively glowing.