Holi Grail Skincare



I'm Holli, Founder of Holi Grail Skincare.

I'm a beauty enthusiast with years of experience within the beauty industry, working for some of the world's biggest beauty brands. I set out to create Holi Grail Skincare to reflect the products I wanted to see in the world. Holi Grail Skincare was born to bridge the gap between luxury, affordability and transparency.

As they say, beauty is more than skin deep, and my mission is to achieve a beauty that reaches deeper. Holi Grail Skincare has the core belief that skincare is a holistic approach, and our philosophy is to ensure products are as good for your body on the inside as they are on the outside. Holi Grail focuses on safe, non-toxic formulas, containing only the finest, high-performing ingredients, bursting with natural vitamins and minerals.

My mission is to promote happiness and wellbeing by combining beautiful skincare with skincare tools to encourage rituals of health and confidence.

I can't wait to be on this journey with you!